An entry for a competition held by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), our approach proposed a new kind of solution to rental housing. The idea is, that as you subscribe for a membership, you open an ARA-account. Trough this account, you can pay not only your rent, but services related to your everyday activities, such as the neighborhood gym, food deliveries, and furniture. Doing so, you accumulate points, that you can later use inside the system, or distribute them as heritage to your child leaving home for example. 

Inside view - a piano for the summer

Trough your ARA-account, you can manage all your subscriptions and view accumulated points. Companies that meet the requirements can become ARA Companies, and thus get loyal customers and a new distribution channel.

Part of the floor plan of an example residential house. Orange parts are communal spaces, which are well equipped. Partly free, partly payable, they are accessible trough the ARA-account.

The concept and designs were built as a team project with the architects Riku Kärkkäinen and Kaspar Sjölund.