During 2017 I designed a proposal for a public artwork in Ranua Wildlife Park in Finnish Lapland. The design project was part of a wider research project done in collaboration with the University of Lapland, to create new ways for artists to collaborate with the arctic travel business. (I wrote about it earlier this year here). The wider research will conclude in summer 2018, with a published book, including also my article about what could be done to further develop the collaboration between the contemporary art and travel sectors. 

As for myself, I was happy to see the people in Ranua so pleased with my designs, that they decided to go ahead and commission the work from me <3  Below is a preliminary visualization, as I don't want to reveal too much about the content just yet.

I will be writing more about the work as 2018 and the work itself develops, but I can say at this point that the work will be situated inside the park, and the subject will be the protection the arctic environment in the face of climate change - Ranua Wildlife Park being a park specialized in Arctic animals.

Below are some photos, and one video, that I've taken on my earlier visits in Ranua - more to come soon!