In October 2016, I had the pleasure of staying at the Instinc residency center, an artist residency located in the very center of Singapore, and immerse myself in the field of public art in this very special city. 

I was there as the director of Public Art Agency Finland, and focused on studying the ways in which the local public art scene is organized. Meeting with

  • urban planners working for the city at the Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • an international group of urban researchers at the Future Cities Lab
  • a team behind team of Public Art Trust, a governmental initiative focused on developing the field of public art
  • private companies and industry leaders in the field or urban planning and landscape architecture, from Tierra and Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
  • an arts professional looking after the huge arts collection of a huge real estate company
  • and many artists,

I wrote all I could in this blog on the website of my company, Public Art Agency Finland.

I hope my findings will benefit you, regardless of your position in the wide field of urban development and cultural placemaking.


Maija Kovari

The 2016 pavilion of Archifest, a yearly festival of architecture and urban studies in Singapore