I'm currently working on a project on developing the processes of commissioning public art in Finland. The project is supported by theArts Promotion Centre Finland and it is done in collaboration with the City of Tampere and Ramboll.

Our project concentrates in finding ways to include artists in the design teams that plan our streets, plazas and parks. The goal is to integrate the artists approach into the ordinary forms of the city, and by so doing develop a new way of adding to the overall quality of the space without the often high costs of separate artworks.

My role is to coordinate the project and work as the artist in this case study, hopefully building a model for many more to use later on. The results of the study will be published in early 2016.

Sketches of the artworks integrated in the case project will be published in the beginning of October. All interested will be able to comment on the designs and so affect to the selection of the to be built artwork.